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True Health

with Denise Harvey


February 29th to April 11th, 2024

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This course is a guide to finding true health. We as Americans tend to manage sickness and disease, therefore get sickness and disease. If we actually build health, we could get health. Our problem is that most of us assume we are "pretty healthy" until we are not and disease hits. Then we add drugs to manage the disease, when in reality they really don't manage it at all. We have seen the devastation of disease destroy someone's life. I want to inspire you to take action. To invest in yourself and loved ones. All you need the right knowledge and tools. The side effects of this prescription are weight loss, improved mood, improved skin, mental clarity, happiness and added life to your years!  Come join Denise as she guides you through this 7 session/night journey. All you need to bring for supplies is a notebook and pen!

Dates: February 29 March 5,12,20,28 April 4,11

Potential Snow Dates: March 4,6,14,26 *Will announce snow dates as needed*

Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm